What you should know and be doing in Compass?

As a leader

You should have logged in and have checked your address, telephone number and email address. You must have an email address in the system so that you can be notified when your DBS is due to expire and so that key messages can be communicated.  You can also check when your Mandatory training, First Aid, Safeguarding, Safety and DBS are due for renewing.

As a GSL/ Acting GSL/AGSL/ DESC/S A S manager

You should now be familiar with Compass, running reports to show whose DBS has expired or will soon, checked your Leaders Mandatory training is up to date and take action where necessary.  New Leaders still fill in the Adult Information Form (including references), ID Checker form and this is to be passed to the Appointments Secretary so the appointments process can be followed.  Also, any Leader changing their role must fill in an Adult Information form (references not required).  This is to be forwarded to the Appointments Secretary.  Occasional helpers will need an Adult Information form and ID Checker form which you use to enter data into Compass and carry out the DBS process.

If something is wrong in compass what do you do?

GSL/Acting GSL can edit some Leaders/OH information but some must be done by HQ, not the Appointments Secretary.  If Leaders/OH information is changed in Compass they will receive an email telling them that is has been changed.

If GSLs/Acting GSLs/AGSLs/ DESC/SAS Manager feel they are unable to do what is necessary in Compass or don’t have the time, you can appoint your Group Secretary or Group Administrator to help.  You may want to ask your Growth Champion to find someone for this role.

Further Help

If any of the above roles would like additional help or training contact the Deputy District Commissioner at