About BWDS

A Welcome from the District Scout Council

Basingstoke West Scout District is an area comprising of 10 Scout Groups ranging from Sherborne St John to Overton. Each of these groups has a growing youth involvement which is the basis on which we thrive. We also have much support from the District Members.

The Beaver Section is for youngsters aged between 6 and 8 years. The programme  for this age group is based around Fun & Friends. They usually meet once a week, and have a great time playing games or making some craft item. They have a structured and ongoing learning progress which will prepare them for the transition to the Cub section.

The Cub Section is the next stage in the process and is for young people between the ages of 8 & 10½. Like the Beavers they also have a programme of activities which help to mould their progress in life and in Scouting. They are given a bit more responsibility and freedom to undertake different challenges and adventures.

The Scout Section is the  next movement up the chain. This is for members who are aged between 10 ½  & 14. As you can imagine at this age the young people are looking for more adventure and a more challenging Scouting experience. This is gained by a programme of progressive training. Which is delivered via structured leadership teams.

The remaining Sections of Scouting are Explorer Scouts which are aged between 14 & 18 and then Network Scouts who age between 18 & 25. Both of these sections are guided by a leadership team that are working towards the higher end DOE or Queens Scout awards. This is achieved by another programme of well planned activities which encourage the young person to be the best they can be. And also have fun while learning.

All adults involved in Scouting have undergone full Disclosure and Barring Service checks and undergo regular updates as required. All the Section Leaders have a programme of training, which they have to complete by various means. They then have a series of ongoing support and reviews. So everybody involved in Scouting is given the best opportunity to fulfil their potential, and in doing this, pass on the knowledge gained to the many youth members.

The Scouting ethos is that by making the programme fun and entertaining the young person will achieve the best of their potential, and become a trusted member of society.