Love Locks Field – Booking Request

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Before booking, please note:

All booking requests must be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the requested camp start date.

Love Locks field requires a ‘Greenfield’ NAP holder.

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Additional Notes

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Booking Notes:

At Love Locks Field, you must not:

  • Leave any rubbish at the site
  • Dig latrines. ALL human waste is to be removed from site and disposed of correctly
  • Dig pits to empty Elsan toilets

At Love Locks Field, the following is permitted:

  • Wet pits - for disposal of kitchen wet waste only (i.e. washing up water)
  • Removing turf for fires.

Note: In both cases the field must be returned to “as before” state at end of camp.

Booking is not:

  • Final until the leader receives confirmation
  • A substitute for a NAN form - which must still be submitted

Accept Booking Conditions: